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Is Villa Peru Part of the Latest World-Food Obsession? Let's Hope So.

Is Peruvian cuisine the next big thing in world food obsessions?

It would appear so.

And with the Valley slow to hop aboard the gastronomical bandwagon, it is either by slim chance or sheer accident that chef Walter Salazar came to Tempe in August to take over ownership of Villa Peru. I stopped by to take a taste and had this to say:

"And like any good Peruvian chef, Salazar is focused on his ceviche, which he claims brings those-in-the-know to his restaurant. One of the most popular dishes among Peruvians, Salazar's is a straight-ahead version -- bite-size pieces of white fish soaked in lime juice and chiles, topped with raw onions, and served with garnishes of sweet potato and giant kernels of Peruvian corn. Incredibly flavorful and refreshing, it's worth savoring alone or sharing as an appetizer with friends."

Want more? See the rest of my review of Villa Peru here.

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Laura Hahnefeld
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