Battle of the Dishes

Italian Ice Storm on Mill Avenue: Cookiez vs. Rita's

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Mill Avenue is approaching frozen dessert overload... [checks his watch] any second now. At this moment there are seven, count 'em, seven stores on Mill that sell only frozen desserts. This isn't even considering the countless other places offering shakes, sundaes, frozen Daiquiris, or over-the-top frozen coffee drinks. The latest to throw their hat in a ring that's already piled high with hats is Rita's Italian Ice. With all the other frozen treats on Mill, it stands to figure that there is already someone selling Italian ice. That someone is Cookiez On Mill. Cookiez is a Battle of the Dishes veteran. Last time, Cookiez offered a respectable ice cream sandwich, but a new place stole the show and left Cookiez in second place.

Will Cookiez take back glory with their Italian ice, or will the new kid once more top the old guard?

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