It's the Velvet Pumpkin, Lynne Bonnell!

It's the Velvet Pumpkin, Lynne Bonnell!

Temperature forecasts be damned, it's fall. And fall means pumpkins. In fact, at yesterday's weekly Chow Bella meeting, we couldn't stop talking about all things pumpkin, so get ready for an onslaught -- soon. 

In honor of fall, this morning we went looking for velvet pumpkins. No, this is not a red velvet-esque confection, though that's not a bad idea. Instead it's become a fall tradition of sorts in Phoenix, as the hunt begins for Lynne Bonnell's lovely velvet pumpkins.

We found Bonnell easily -- over at the Willows blog (one of our favorites) where you can read an interview with her, then see how long it takes you to resist heading over to Willows to buy a velvet pumpkin (or three). 

The turquoise pumpkins (which we've also seen over at Frances -- and there's usually a cornucopia of these treasures at La Grande Orange) -- are particularly tempting. Leave one for us! 

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