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James Fox of Bootleggers on the Barbecue Trend in Phoenix

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One thing you want people to know about Bootleggers is: We serve a lot more than barbecue.

My favorite item on the menu is: The Nacho Flat. I just love our brisket hash. How can you go wrong when you mix that with cheese, tortilla chips, and avocado relish?

If the food at Bootleggers were a song it would be: "Momma Said Knock You Out" by LL Cool J because my food punches you in the face with flavor.

The biggest misconception people have about barbecue in Arizona is: That we are trying to stick to one barbecue region or another. Why can't there be an Arizona-style barbecue?

I'm most excited about: The future. There is this uncertainty but excitement for what's to come. Unexpected adventures, new learning experiences, fresh ingredients, progressive techniques, and new people that I get to meet every single day. I mean, what's not there to be excited about?

One national/international restaurant I want to go to this year: There are really so many it is almost impossible to choose only one.

Your favorite drink and where you like to get it: A margarita from The Mission. Their Primarita is so simple but so damn enjoyable when it's 115 outside.

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