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Jamie Oliver's Food Fight Club

Professional food crusader Jamie Oliver's newest project sounds even more daunting than trying to reform public school lunches: Now he's trying to champion British cuisine in a Food Fight Club with chefs from the continent.

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Of course what the show is about exactly isn't immediately obvious from watching the trailer. You do however get to see Oliver quote Crocodile Dundee and slap someone with a fish so it's definitely worth a look.

Oliver is teaming up with childhood friend Jimmy Doherty for this show which is sounds like a combination between a travel show and a traditional competition cooking show. The central premise is that they jump in their Ford Capri and tour Britain for the best example of that week's theme. It could be sausage, pies or desserts. Then they zip back to their studio audience and square off against French, German or Italian chefs. Presumably any remaining time will be taken up with amusing anecdotes and celebrity appearances.

The show is set to air on Channel 4 later this year. Hopefully it gets imported to stateside Netflix a little faster than new episodes of Sherlock.

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