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Jared Porter of The Parlor on Vincent Guerithault and Working in Michael DeMaria's Kitchen

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You were still very young, so what was that like?: All these guys were savage, savage cooks. It was intense. They were the French Laundry of Phoenix at the time. Nobody was firing off at that level.

Restaurant you've visited in the last year that blew your mind: Flour & Water in San Francisco. Sick!

What did you come away with from your experience at LGO?: A great connection to the neighborhood, fast-paced breakfast hands.

National/international chef you greatly admire: Nationally, Michael White of Marea in New York (and multiple other restaurants). He was one of my mentors and has the Midas touch with restaurants. Internationally, Marco Pierre White & Fergus Henderson, UK. Too many attributes to list, but true culinary masterminds.

Everyone loves your pizza. How did you arrive at the dough recipe?: It's an adaptation of the dough they've been doing for almost two decades at our sister restaurant Nello's in Ahwatukee. We focus a lot on ingredients and flavor combos, not just the crust.

What makes a great pizza?: A harmony between the crust and the ingredients on top.

What people don't know about you is: I'm tattooed over 75 percent of my body, I ride a Harley every day to work, and I garden. Weird combo, right?

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