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Jazz Up Brunch with New Orleans Milk Punch

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I do enjoy a good Mimosa or Bloody Mary, but I feel like those are done to death. I also like taking the elaborate route, and making a decadent New Orleans brunch cocktail like the famous Ramos Gin Fizz or an Absinthe Suissesse.

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There's one problem with those drinks, though. They're an utter pain in the ass to make. The ingredient list is fiddly to the point that if you put in too much of a supporting ingredient, the drink is all but ruined. Moreover, the requisite egg white dry shake (shaking all of the ingredients together without ice to fully emulsify the egg white into the drink before shaking everything with ice) means it takes more time to make one of those cocktails than it takes to make an omelet.

There happens to be a happy medium, the Milk Punch. All of the top-flight New Orleans brunch places have their own spin on the drink, but they all follow a similar formula. Start with dark spirits (either brandy or bourbon), add dairy (milk, half-and-half, or a combination of both), and put in a little sugar to round out the mixture. Some places also add a splash of vanilla, an addition I find most worthwhile.

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