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Jeff Kraus' "Experience" Comes to Cycle this Weekend --- and We're a Little Scared

Anyone up for some frog leg lollies?

This Friday and Saturday, mobile food chef Jeff Kraus of Truckin' Good Food fame steps down from his Parisian kitchen-on-wheels and moves to the turf of the pop-up concept Cycle, for a test run of his non-mobile restaurant concept "Experience"

Apparently, people are stoked to experience "Experience".

All 120 reservation openings are gone and they went quick --- like 14 hours quick. And that's after people got a look at the menu --- which has a dish or two that left us scratching our heads.

First off, The Frog Leg Lollies. Go ahead,get a mental picture of that. All we can see is Kermit on a stick. The use of the word "lollies" makes us wonder if Kermit's little froggy legs will be served perhaps boneless on a stick like a lollipop or if, in fact, the bone IS the actually stick. Are they like hot wings? The words "hot sauce" and "blue cheese" lead us to think they might be.

Those sound is a little scary but not nearly as horrifying as the Not a Frisée aux Lardons.

Frisée aux Lardons is a french dish that is normally described as a wilted greens with bacon and a chicken liver dressing. the description of Kraus' Not a Frisée aux Lardons goes a little something like this....

pig ears ~ slow poached egg ~ brioche crumbs ~ Italian arugula ~ apricot emulsion

WTF and WHY? Pig Ears and Eggs?! Yikes! Is it like bacon and eggs? Why apricot? We have so many questions.

As scary as these two dishes sound, we were still insanely curious and snagged reservations. Our questions must be answered and we must try the Frog Leg Lollies!

Check back Monday for our full report on "Experience"

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