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Jeff Kraus of Crepe Bar and Welcome Chicken + Donuts Team Up For Donuts Tomorrow Only

Crepe Bar fans, I know you're out there. And I also know you're probably going to mildly freak out when you hear that Jeff Kraus and the Crepe Bar crew have come up with two special donuts that will be available tomorrow, Saturday, January 31, at Welcome Chicken + Donuts.

Want to know what they are? Read on.

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The first donut will be inspired by the Grand Prix crepe -- a bismark donut with smoked pork jowl, crispy crepe, maple glaze, cured egg yolk, and coffee custard.

The second donut will be a beet and orange marmalade fritter with bourbon horseradish glaze.

Both donuts also feature locally-sourced ingredients from The Meat Shop AZ and The Farm at Agritopia.

Finally, the ever-playful Kraus has come up with a play on coffee and cigarettes. There will be menthol coffee cafe bread pudding paired with a mezcal cold brew cocktail topped with cacao foam and an orange twist.

The donuts will be available tomorrow morning from 7 a.m. until they're gone. Diners will be limited to one collaborative donut per person.

For more information check the Welcome Chicken + Donut Facebook.

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