Jobot Coffee Shop Considering Adding Ramen or Nachos (Nachobot?) -- Bringing Back Brunch For Sure

Lucky for us John Sagasta, owner of Jobot Coffee Shop on Roosevelt Row (once inside Conspire), travels as much as he does. He's playing around with a couple of new food ideas inspired by trips to Seattle and San Francisco: ramen and nachos.

"We're small so it has to be something simple and easy to do," Sagasta tells me. "The ramen shop would be all fresh ingredients and if we did the nachos, I'd set it up Subway-style, where customers would pick the ingredients."

He then adds, "Oh, and I'd call it, 'Nachobot.' I love that name."

The artists from the Jobot duplex are moving out, giving Segasta extra space for whatever new food idea he decides to go with. And while that won't happen until the beginning of next year, for now, he's adding some booths in the air-conditioned room.

Sagasta also tells me when he'll be bringing back a fan favorite -- the Jobot brunch.

In the next couple of months, Sagasta plans to bring back "Brunch and Beats at the Bot," Jobot's Sunday brunch.

"It'll be similar to what we did before," he says, "A DJ, no set menu, just something new every week, like a special quiche or pancakes. We even did a pizza once."

Dominic Festino, who used to work at the now-defunct Palatte on 4th Avenue and has been with Jobot for six months, will be cookin' up the goodies.

"He loves to go crazy," Sagasta says, "And the brunches give him a great outlet to do that."

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