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Jobot Owner Helps to Open New Market on Roosevelt: Think Fresh Veggies, Bulk Grains, Mexican Candy, and Hula Hoops

In the wake of the recent shuttering of the Downtown Phoenix Public Market Urban Grocery & Wine Bar comes Bodega 420, a new market and convenience store in the Roosevelt Arts District. The two aren't the same concept -- Bodega 420 balances local items with non-local ones to keep prices competitive -- but, eventually, like the Public Market, it hopes to be a place where folks can pick up a sandwich or other meals on the go.

And, as co-owner Mona Fontes tells me, "It's a work in progress."

Opened in the beginning of May and named for its location at 420 East Roosevelt Road in a refurbished bungalow, Bodega 420 is owned John Sagasta (owner of Jobot and Nachobot across the street) and Mona and Adrian Fontes.

Balancing a small selection of local produce, bulk grains, Hickman's eggs, and dairy products from Gilbert's Udder Delights with non-local goods including Spam, Top Ramen noodles, Mexican candy, cleaning products, and playing cards, Fontes tells me new items arrive regularly and points to a large blackboard behind the counter where customers can add their requests.

"We're not strictly a local-product only store," Fontes says. "The tobacco counter helps to keep prices low -- and in many cases, we're lower than Safeway."

Fontes adds that due to the Bodega's location on the culturally minded Roosevelt Road, she's planning to carry a few art and music supplies as well. Bodega 420 420 East Roosevelt Hours: Monday through Sunday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 602-253-6897

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Laura Hahnefeld
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