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Jobot Owner John Sagasta to Open Patio Cabana Bar This Winter on Roosevelt Row

John Sagasta, owner of Jobot, Melt, and Flowers Beer & Wine, all in the Roosevelt Row neighborhood, has confirmed that he plans to open a bar behind Jobot later this year.

While the details are still very much in the works, Sagasta says that the bar will be "cabana themed." A guest house behind Jobot will be remodeled to feature garage doors that will open up to the backyard patio, creating an airy, open space to gather with friends and neighbors. 

Sagasta says there's no official name for the forthcoming bar yet, but we know it will serve craft beer and spirits and will have a food menu separate from the one inside the coffee shop. Food ideas ranging from nachos (similar to his past venture, Nachobot) and sliders to meatballs and other finger foods are all under consideration.

Despite difficulty in securing a contractor to complete the necessary renovations, Sagasta says that he hopes the bar will be open before the end of the year.
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Cal Faber
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