Joe's Real BBQ: Lunch $10 and Under

One of the realities of living in this urban sprawl is that friends and relations can be scattered across the Valley from East to West and places in-between. We needed to find a place to dine with our motley crew. Cousins were in town, a baby had been born and there were a lot of hungry people to feed. We needed lunch that would please everyone so we headed to Joe's Real BBQ in Gilbert. 

Joe's manages to be both "old timey" and big enough to accommodate a whole cast of characters. A restored John Deere tractor sits inside the space without the place feeling the least bit cramped. 

Joe's Real BBQ smokes their meat over pecan wood, and the selection includes pulled pork, chicken breast, turkey breast, chopped brisket, and slabs of pork ribs. Sides are equally tempting and include coleslaw, potato salad, cheesy potatoes, mac-n-cheese, and BBQ pit beans to name a few. A BBQ Sandwich with One Side is $6.99 and a kid's sandwich meal is $4.49. 

But wait -- we haven't even mentioned the best part -- they make their own root beer! That's right. It's got a bit more bite than the store bought stuff and is worth the trip in and of itself.

Joe's is informal, and perhaps a little hectic (like our family). You order cafeteria style from a big menu on the wall and help yourself to two BBQ sauces in paper cups as well as napkins, and flatware. The sauces come in both a traditional and the "I Dare You" made with Habanero chilis. The spicier one packed some tasty heat with not too much burn. 

There is also outside seating at a row of picnic table, and for the get-it and go bunch there is a take-out window on the side of the building. 

Joe's Real BBQ menus say, "Barbecue promotes togetherness," which we suppose is true -- as long as you don't have too many vegetarians in your party. This was food to fit the occasion.

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