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Johnny Cupcakes Visits ASU and Dinner for You and Your Dog in Today's Eater's Digest

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Johnny Cupcakes doesn't make the kind of cupcakes you put in your belly, more along the lines of the cupcakes you put on it. T-shirt guru and entrepreneur John Earle, AKA Johnny Cupcakes, will be speaking tonight about how he got started and how you can start a successful business of your own. The lecture will be held at the Murdock Lecture hall on ASU's campus at 8 pm. This event is open to the public and there is talk of free cupcakes and t-shirt giveaways.

The third annual Dine with Your Dog charity event is scheduled for Saturday, March 27th. The fundraiser benefits the animal assistance program at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Visit their website for tickets or go to the events facebook page and enter the Pet/Owner look-a-like contest. You can win a pair of tickets good for you, a human buddy, and two pups, but you must enter by March 15th.

Hangover free alcohol? You have our attention! Two Korean researchers have supposedly come up with a way to tone down the effects of alcohol without interfering with the strength of the booze by adding oxygen. Read more about it at the sci-fi nerd blog iO9.

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