Hebert street surfs in North Beach.
Hebert street surfs in North Beach.
courtesy of Josh Hebert

Josh Hebert: What I Did on My Summer Vacation

It certainly still

feels like summer, but for many of us the most important part of summer (vacation) is now but a distant memory, as work and school move into high gear. Stay tuned as Chow Bella brings you tales from some of our favorite folks' summer travels.

Chef Josh Hebert took a break from giving folks the Posh improvisational dining experience at his Scottsdale restaurant and hit the streets of of a city where improvisation is second nature.

Where I went: San Francisco 

What I saw: I visited my brother-in-law and best friend, saw perfect weather and an English bulldog eat a sandwich out of someone's bag in the park. This trip was primarily for "research" though...food and beverage.

So what did Hebert's research yield? Find out after the jump.

What I ate: Tried a lot of new outstanding restaurants like Aziza, a French-Moroccan restaurant with a Michelin star rating, and The Monk's Kettle where I had some amazing beer and bone marrow. I also ate lots of charcuterie, which seemed to be on nearly every menu in the city.

The best part of coming home: ...Well, it's a dry heat...

Plans for the fall: I have a trip planned to visit friends and wineries in Oregon. I'm looking forward to going to Edgefield, an old insane asylum that has been turned into a brewery, distillery and winery with an 18-hole, par 3 golf course. Can't wait!

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