Juby True Juice Bar Opens in Arcadia

Fox Restaurants Concepts has opened a new Phoenix location of Juby True, its one-stop shop for fresh-made juices, salads, and other healthy snacks.

We tried a handful of different items from the juice bar, and they were all rather refreshing, though some tasted better than others.

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Of the juices we sampled, the "Sweet Karma" (apple, parsley, spinach, kale, romaine, and ginger) was probably the best green drink we'd ever tasted, but that might say more about how we feel about green juices than how the juice blend tasted. It was certainly better than anything you'd get at a chain juicing spot.

On the other hand, we really enjoyed the spicy ginger flavor of the "Little Miss Sunshine" (pineapple, pear, ginger, and mint). It tasted mostly like pineapple juice with a whole boatload of ginger dumped into it, but it turns out that works surprisingly well. Careful if you drink it too fast, though, it tastes like a surefire way to get some nasty heartburn.

The "juice boosts" are little shots that you can pick up for $4 each that seem to be more potent mixtures of the same ingredients that the juices use. In some ways, it's probably a good thing, because you'll get comparable nutritional benefits without having to drink the entire bottle of juice. However, we found the boosts to be a little more difficult to handle taste-wise. In the future, we'd just treat them like a shot and down it in a swallow or two.

As far as food goes, the organic "Superfood Salad" we had certainly hit the spot, but we'd be lying if we didn't mention that the "Raw Cacao Truffles" were a little weird. They weren't necessarily bad, but we'd definitely stick to the "Quinoa Brownie" if we were to go for dessert there again.

Aside from providing customers with the healthful products, Juby True is also now the provider of fresh juices for Fox's other Valley restaurants, such as The Arrogant Butcher and Culinary Dropout.

The first Juby True location is attached to True Food Kitchen in Scottsdale Quarter, while the Arcadia location is the first standalone spot for the juice bar.

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