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"Juiciest Buns in Town" at Portland's

It's not very often that I blog while cracking up out loud, but rest assured, I have a little tear in my eye right now.

Just got a press release from Portland's announcing the debut of their Metro burger, topped with Fontina, BBQ sauce, and sauteed onions, created "in honor" of the Light Rail.

To promote the restaurant's burgers, they're giving away free "Juiciest Buns in Town" t-shirts to anyone who orders one from 5 to 10 p.m. on June 16.

Juicy buns? Really? I'm dying here, people. It's like they're trying to be cheeky and slightly pervy, like Oregano's, but the result is maybe a little more over the top than the typical t-shirt.  

Rest assured, if I see you walking down the street in one of these, I just might take your picture as a keepsake.


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Michele Laudig
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