Battle of the Dishes

Juicy Battle: Juice Core vs. Original ChopShop Co.

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In This Corner: Juice Core: A Micro Juicery Clean Up on Aisle 2

The Setup: No-nonsense 100 percent organic juice bar for seriously healthy people. The space is low-key with a bar and a few stools, an artfully drawn chalkboard menu, and a refrigerator. Clean Up on Aisle 2 claims to be a detoxer with electrolytes and diuretic properties. Cucumber, mint, pineapple, lemon, romaine, and green apple are pressed together to make this juice concoction.

The Good: Clean Up on Aisle 2 is recommended as a primer for the more hardcore juices like Mother Earth and Not for Sissies. The fresh mint is strong enough to camouflage the vegetable taste without overpowering the core ingredients. The minty aftertaste in combination with the pineapple is refreshing. The apple gets lost in the mix of stronger flavors like pineapple, lemon, and mint. Unlike most green juices, this one lacks ginger, which allows other ingredients to shine through. The sleek 16-ounce bottle, which costs $6, is ideal for juice drinking because it can be shaken up and tossed around.

The Bad: Romaine and spinach are best served in solid form, as far as we're concerned, so the liquid consistency was initially jarring. The juice was chartreuse in color, and not particularly appetizing. Separation is natural in fruit juice drinks, so the bottle had to be shaken quite a bit. As the particles fall to the bottom of the bottle, the vegetable flavor becomes more pronounced. (Warning: Green juice is not something that should be consumed at room temperature, so drink immediately or refrigerate, otherwise it's difficult to stomach.)

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