Just Desserts: Bread Pudding at Texaz Grill

In the end, we get what's coming to us. Let's hope it's sweet.

Ah, the Golden Globes. This year, the shamfest set up by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (whatever that is) was an opportunity to watch celebrities drink expensive champagne in outfits that cost more than the Blue Book value of our cars, all while donning ribbons in honor of Haiti so we could gasp in wonder at how "brave" and "meaningful" the night was going to be. Blech. No wonder we're craving a dessert that's fabulous but frugal, heavenly but humble. We're dyin' for bread pudding at Texaz Grill.

The origin of bread pudding, also referred to as bodding by the Belgians, pudín de pan by the Spanish, and just "pudding" by our French and English foodie friends, is generally attributed to penny-pinching cooks who didn't want to waste stale bread. Fitting then, Texaz Grill would top their bread pudding, served warm, with a sour mash bourbon hard sauce we'd knock over Brangelina to get to -- no way any of this breaded brew is being left behind. Crazy-moist, the toasted pecans and raisins start jumping the candied bread ship early, leaving them swimming in a pool of syrup-y goodness. And, at only $3.50 for a good-sized chunk, even Drew Barrymore can afford to shut up already and eat.

Texaz Grill
6003 North 16th Street

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