Just Desserts: Last Stop on the Valley's Best Valentine's Day Treat Train and This Year's Winners

In the end, we get what's coming to us. Let's hope it's sweet.

Like Chanel No. 5, a bracelet from Tiffany's, or Chuck Norris, a good brand name can pack a punch when it comes to impressing those we love. And, when it comes to name-brand sweet treats for Valentine's Day, your Fannie May-lovin' aunt and Russell Stover high-school stalker just don't know any better. Listen, Brach's bunch, we want chocolate chic, not drug store knock-offs.

Our last stop on the Valley's best Valentine's Day treat train concludes with Sprinkles Cupcakes. The review and this year's winners after the jump.

At Sprinkles Cupcakes (packed as usual) we ordered four Valentine's Day treats from their assortment: Dark chocolate, marshmallow, classic red velvet, and strawberry. We asked for a heart candy (later to be found inedible) to be placed on each; unfortunately, a dog wearing an Ed Hardy T-shirt just outside the door must have distracted our server, so she left the hearts off of two of them. We enjoyed the rich, dark chocolate cupcake, along with the frosting-only on the classic red velvet (the cake portion tasted too much like flour). The marshmallow was the most disappointing: a tiny bit of white goo hidden in the ho-hum cake part. The stand-out? The strawberry. Smooth, sweet strawberry frosting atop a light strawberry cake made us wish we would have paid an extra $3.25 for another berry bombshell.

Sprinkles Cupcakes 4501 North Scottsdale Road 480-970-4321 www.sprinkles.com

And now (commence drum roll) for the Valley's Best Valentine's Day Treat Winners:

Best Original Taste Treat at the Best Value: The pink champagne cupcake at Barb's Bakery.

Best Sweet Seduction: The mogador at Scratch Pastries

Best to Impress: The strawberry or dark chocolate cupcake at Sprinkles Cupcakes

That said, we hope your Valentine's Day love journey will be as tasty as ours. And, remember, whatever it is you have to say to your loved one this holiday, say it sweetly -- life's just better that way.

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Laura Hahnefeld
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