Just Like Mom's: Congrats to the Winners of Chow Bella's Mother's Day Essay Contest

From Jamaica to Panama, the entrants in Chow Bella's first-ever Mother's Day essay contest took us on a whirlwind tour of maternal culinary inspiration. And boy, are we hungry.

Thanks to all who entered, and particularly to Gayle Shanks, co-owner of Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, who graciously judged all the entries.

We have first-, second-, and third-place awards to hand out, as well as an honorable mention.

Drumroll, please.

First Place: Kim Kunasek, for an essay about her German-born mother's cooking.

Second Place: Elizabeth Maria Naranjo, for a story about her mother and rice.

Third Place: Emily Hinchman, for an essay about her quest to become as good a cook as her mother -- with a little help from the Food Network.

Honorable Mention: Margaret Burch, for a piece about her mother's Spritz cookies.

Thank you to all of our entrants. Stay tuned -- later this week, we'll share Kim Kunasek's essay and her mother's recipe for pfannkuchensuppe, or pancake soup.

One more thank you -- to Vincent on Camelback, Renegade Canteen, Beckett's Table, Honey Moon Sweets and Changing Hands, businesses that provided prizes.

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