The healthy veggie hybrid that you never knew you wanted.
The healthy veggie hybrid that you never knew you wanted.
Courtesy of Kalettes/Facebook

Kale-Brussels Sprouts Hybrid Veggie to Hit Stores This Fall

There's no denying the explosive popularity of both kale and Brussels sprouts among food snobs in the past year or so. However, one British vegetable seed house, Tozer Seeds, has been working on combining the two for 15 years and is finally ready to launch the hybrid veggie this fall for all of your roasting, grilling, sauteeing, or raw eating needs.

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According to the Kalettes Facebook page, the hybrid veggie is the result of cross-breeding, rather than artificial genetic modification, which should please the equally persnickety cult followings of both Brussels sprouts and kale.

Described to have a "sweet and nutty" flavor, which we find suspicious because we've eaten both kale and Brussels sprouts, the company says in a post that "Kalettes were developed to create a new kale type vegetable which was easier to prepare and more versatile than traditional kale while still packing a health punch."

There's also a fair amount of weird advertising going down on the page, featuring a fake online dating profile for the lady Brussels sprouts looking for the perfect veggie match to "complement [her] nuttiness." Nutty is right.

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