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Kelly Fletcher of House of Tricks on Lori Hashimoto, the Boys at Citizen, and the Next Big Thing

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He landed at House of Tricks somewhere around 2003, where he met Cullen Campbell, who worked nights while Fletcher worked days. Fletcher eventually moved to nights as well, working alongside Campbell for a time. Nobody had formal titles. The kitchen was too small for that. "Bob [owner Robert Trick] was excited to have me on board because of my extensive French background," Fletcher says, adding that when Campbell left and Fletcher took over the kitchen, there was a "long grace period" before Robert and his wife Robin were comfortable enough to give him free rein. He's been doing his own thing for years now, and his adventurous approach has made House of Tricks a beloved staple for Southeast Valley food-lovers hungry for sophistication.

Five words to describe you: Passionate, loyal, adventurous, gregarious, gluttonous.

Five words to describe House of Tricks: Romantic, al fresco, charming, welcoming, original.

Favorite food smell: Melting duck fat -- it's erotic, almost sexual.

Favorite cookbook: Larousse Gastronomique. It's the stuff you should know but also continually revisit.

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