Battle of the Dishes

Kentucky Fried Quail Conundrum: The Praying Monk vs Blue Hound Kitchen

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In This Corner: Praying Monk Restaurant & Bar

The Set Up: Aaron May's newest restaurant creation is a quaint space filled with reclaimed wood, tufted leather booths, industrial chairs, sparkling Edison bulbs, and a sleek concrete bar. The barn-like atmosphere is super relaxed with friendly, down to earth servers in jeans and t-shirts, minimal art work, and indie beats on the stereo. The menu is made up of classic American comfort food with a few unique dishes mixed in like crispy pig ears (delicious), Foie Gras PB & J, and Kentucky Fried Quail served picnic style with a Brussels sprout slaw and blue cheese potato salad.

The Good: The little bird legs were fried to a perfect (like perfect, perfect) crisp. The flaky fried batted was lightly seasoned and coated the juicy dark meat pieces right down to their little quail ankles. The cool potato salad with big chunks of tender red potatoes, blue cheese chunks and specks of chive add a nice tang to the dish and kept it light and summery.

The Bad: What's up with the Brussel sprout slaw? I get that it's picnic-y, which ties the dish together -- and Brussels sprouts are like tiny cabbages so it kinda makes sense to turn the little guys into slaw, but Brussels sprouts are loved by very few people and are just a bit too bitter to make a slaw. Needless to say, I ended up picking out all of the potato chunks out from under the shredded slaw and I think If I ordered this dish again, I would 86 the slaw altogether.

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