KFC Adds Deep-Fried Soup to Japanese Menu

Americans are known for their deep-fried food fetish, and bizarre new concepts crop up at state fairs every year, like fried Cadbury crème eggs, mac 'n' cheese, and Coca-Cola. But the United States isn't the only country that enjoys covering everything in batter and sticking it in the deep fryer.

This month, Japanese KFC restaurants will be adding deep-fried soup to the menu, according to FOODBEAST. The new side is a riff on a popular dish served in cafes in Japan: creamy corn potage. KFC is turning the soup into a fritter by breading the thick mixture and cooking it to a crisp. The resulting fritter has a unique texture, extra-crispy on the outside and soft like corn pudding on the inside.

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The unusual soup fritters will be available for a limited time beginning Thursday, September 5. Although these seem like an answer to the fried-food fad that's gained momentum over the past few years, the recipe is based on one for potato bacon fritters in Colonel Sanders' autobiography.

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