KFC's Chicken Corsage: How to Completely Ruin Someone's Prom

Prom sucks. There's a lot that can go wrong from wardrobe malfunctions to being stuck dateless, but perhaps a fate even worse than going stag is being given a fried chicken corsage by your date. For some reason, KFC thought anyone would be interested in wearing fried chicken on their wrist in formal attire -- as if being a teenager didn't entail enough greasy skin issues.

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It's no surprise that KFC, the same restaurant chain that brought you such culinary monstrosities as the Double Down and the Skinwich, has found yet another way to take fried chicken and morph it into something unholy. We might be able to justify a mini-macaron corsage, but fried chicken is just pretty awful.

If you're hell-bent on ruining some poor kid's prom, you can buy the base for your chicken corsage on the Nanz & Kraft Florists website for $20 (yikes!). Then all you have to do is add a fried drumstick and wait for the tears to start flowing. We hope you're proud of yourself.

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