Wake Up Call

Killing Halloween Just In Time For Thanksgiving

We know your dirty secret. It's two weeks since Halloween, you've raided your kid's secret candy stash, you still haven't found the nice dishes for Thanksgiving and you still have a couple pumpkins sitting on your front porch. Those are probably ornamental so you can't even cook them up into pies like you said you would.

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Never fear, though, there's still time to turn those wayward vestiges of Halloween into something useful. This is Arizona and we do things a little differently out here. Beyond having some of the most permissive carry laws in the entire country we've even taken the time to select an official state gun. With that in mind it seemed like the best way to dispose of Halloween might be a little more... ballistic.

As always, please don't be dumb. Put safety first. We managed not to blow any of our fingers off and we suggest that you avoid that fate as well. Also be aware that, while the reactive targets we used are perfectly legal, blowing things up inside the city proper is not. We drove out into our state's plentiful desert to shoot this and our only company were the nice men the valley over screaming over the sound of gunfire about how awesome the zombie apocalypse is going to be. Also, if you do go out to the desert, please pick up after yourself. It's disgraceful that people are leaving shot up TVs out there.

Or you could go the safer route and use your pumpkins for a a practice run of maple pumpkin doughnuts.

Special Thanks: David Chiu

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