Kitchen Confidence: Cooking Classes at the Classic Cooking Culinary Institute

Here at Chow Bella, we understand how important it is to give (and receive) the perfect foodie gift. So this season, we're helping out by offering 21 food- and drink-focused gift suggestions, one each work day until Christmas, from a local business or provider. You get scads of rock-star ideas, the dollars stay in the Valley, and we get to go shopping -- win, win, win!

19: Cooking Classes at the Classic Cooking Culinary Institute

There's nothing quite like the gift of an experience. And whether that special someone has a desire to hone their skills, prepare a special meal, or simply needs help with the basics, cooking classes can be that extra kick of kitchen confidence.

At the Classic Cooking Culinary Institute in Scottsdale, chef Pascal Dionot, the school's director, has more than 30 years of experience in hotel and restaurant management and culinary education. European trained, his background includes executive chef positions at several Washington, D.C. fine dining restaurants including the historic Hay-Adams Hotel.

And while the nonprofit school does offer a professional accredited culinary program, we like the variety of recreational classes for just about everyone.

In addition to kids summer cooking camps, team building, and private events, the Classic Cooking Culinary Institute also offers the following recreational cooking classes:

- 24-Week Practical Series ($2,150) - 12-Week Pastry Series ($1,050) - 6-Week After School Series for Kids and Teens ($200)

For more information, go here.

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