Kohnie's closes, Phoenix goes sconeless

By Michele Laudig

Tell me I can't have something, and I'll want it even more.

Right now, what I really want is a hot, doughy scone from Kohnie's, the infamous Camelback coffee shop where owner Robert Kohn dished out his own brand of dry humor right along with killer scones, baked daily, and breakfast food that was lick-your-plate good.

Oh, what I wouldn't do for one of those things, now that it's impossible to get one. That's right, Kohnie's quietly closed up shop last month.

It's not a surprise, really -- neighboring Daniel's Italian Cuisine closed a few months ago. Supposedly nobody's getting a new lease in that little nook, so that a developer can bulldoze the place and build a new luxury high-rise.

The sign on the window at Kohnie's says the eatery will be reopening at the end of August, at a new, undisclosed location. Word is, it won't be in Phoenix, or even in Arizona. Austin and San Diego are in the running for the new location, from what I've heard.

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