Chow Bella

Kooky Food-Themed Toys at Red Hot Robot

The fact that Christmas is right around the corner and it's gift-giving season is certainly a good excuse to visit Red Hot Robot, but seriously, wouldn't you want to buy these crazy toys for yourself? I dropped by a few days ago and found myself giggling at every turn, from happy, plush donuts to ornery cracked eggs smoking cigarettes. 

Mongers come in mystery boxes, so you don't know what you get until you buy it and open it up. I'd like a mean-looking apple or carrot.

Meanwhile, these breakfast-themed keychain toys were just so damn lovable. Hard to resist the cuteness. I want the happy waffle.

Pecan Pals were nutty little wooden figures.

Bacon looks, um, fried, while candy corn looks like he's on meds.

And you can't forget the toast, or else these little dudes might cry.



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Michele Laudig
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