Kurobuta Pork Chop from Noca: 100 Favorite Dishes

Last year we marked the hundred day countdown to Best of Phoenix by sharing some of our favorite food folks' "Personal Best" lists. This year we're bringing back our list of 100 Favorite Dishes. Have a suggestion for a dish you'd like us to try? Leave it in the comments section or email lauren.saria@newtimes.com.

88. Kurobuta Pork Chop from Noca

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Since opening in 2008 Noca has been a bright spot on the Valley dining scene. Though the restaurant's changed executive chefs over the years, owner Elliot Wexler has stayed true to his dedication to obtaining the highest quality of ingredients. From season to season and year to year, Wexler continues to bring in the very best of the best, including Waygu beef and Korubuta pork.

When it comes to high-quality Japanese meats, Korubuta pork is pretty much the pinnacle. And in the hands of Noca executive chef Adam Brown, you can fully experience the difference between this pork and pretty much every other piece of pork you've ever tasted.

The pork chop at Noca means a impressive cut of moist pork wrapped in a layer of Brenton's prosciutto. The whole thing sits in a pool of apple-mustard jus and a handful of crisp fingerling potatoes. Because the Korubuta is a heritage breed of pig -- you may also know it as Berkshire pork -- you get a beautiful cut of pink, marbled meat with exception flavor. It doesn't need much to shine and Noca delivers just enough that you instantly know you're eating something special.

Miss a dish?

100. Pork Belly Pastrami from Citizen Public House 99. French Onion Soup from Bonjour Vietnam 98. Whiskey Cream Gelato from Marrazo That's Amore 97. Breakfast Croissant from Cartel Coffee Lab 96. Salmon "Yasu Style" at Yasu Sushi Bistro 95. Cannoli from DeFalco's Italian Deli 94. Falafel Sandwich from Al-Hana Restaurant 93. PBLT at Bootleggers 92. Samosa from Little India 91. Combo Plate from El Pollo Supremo 90. Brunch Burger from Orange Table 89. Duck Fat Fries from Bourbon Steak

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