Last Chance to Vote for Local Heroes

My friend Pamela Hamilton, editor of Edible Phoenix, just sent an invitation to Chow Bella readers to vote online for this year's Local Hero Awards, the annual accolades given to hard-working people in the culinary community. Friday's the last day.

If you're familiar with the mag, then you'll recognize the past winners as people who are key players in the local Slow Food scene. I already have some folks in mind for my write-in votes, but check out the below list to get the gears turning on whom you want to nominate. -- Michele Laudig

Best Farmer, Rancher, Forager: Bob McClendon -- McClendon Select (2006), Maya Dailey -- Maya's Farm (2007) 

Best Chef: Chrysa Kaufman -- Rancho Pinot (2006), Deborah Knight -- Mosaic and Greg LaPrad -- Quiessence (tie for 2007) 

Best Food Artisan: Black Mesa Ranch Goat Cheese and Candies (2006), Rainbow Valley Nursery (2007) 

Best Beverage Artisan: (None awarded in 2006), Four Peaks Brewery (2007) 

Best Non-Profit: Cindy Gentry -- Downtown Phoenix Public Market (2006), Downtown Phoenix Public Market (2007) 

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