Last Minute Chocolate Valentine You Can Make Yourself

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It's Valentine's Day and that means stress, especially if you're a bit of a procrastinator and/or you think that the card you bought just isn't enough. If you've got some chocolate on hand, even in bar form, you can make the best hand-made valentine ever. Better yet, this is a one or two-ingredient recipe. It's also a lesson in tempering chocolate.

Years ago, when Bryant Gumble was on the Today Show, Martha Stewart made something with chocolate; I can't remember what. I do remember Gumble's post-recipe remark. To paraphrase: So, first I melt the chocolate to 115 degrees, then I cool it to 80-something degrees, then I heat it again to 90-odd degrees and stir in some unmelted chocolate... Her procedure may have involved an electric blanket.

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Andy Broder