Lawsuit to Taco Bell: (DONG!) What? It's Not All Beef?!

Last week, a California woman brought a false-advertising lawsuit against Taco Bell claiming that their products contain very little meat. And for those of us who have eaten their Cantina Tacos, this should resonate like the sun exploding.

The class-action suit, which does not ask for money, objects to TB's referring to its fast food fare as "seasoned ground beef or seasoned beef" 'cause, guess what? A lot of the filling contains lots of stuff other than beef.

Like what? Okay, Taco Bell biters, you asked for it.

The lawsuit claims TB's ground beef is made up of: - water - isolated oat product - wheat oats - soy lecithin - autolyzed yeast extract - sodium phosphate - maltodextrin - modified corn starch - anti-dusting agent - some beef and seasonings - drain hair, bat guano, leaky-leg juice, and sewer froth (Kidding! I hope.)

One of the attorneys who filed the suit said only 35 percent of TB's taco filling was a solid and 15 percent was overall protein, which doesn't quite jibe with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's definition of beef as the "flesh of cattle" not the "flesh of maltodextrin."

But, hey, not all is terrible in Taco Bell land. The suit contends TB's chicken and carne asada steak is really chicken and carne asada (whew!) It's the beef, or lack thereof, that's the issue.

Of course, Taco Bell doesn't agree with any of this nonsense and plans to defend itself, even though, according to the lawsuit, they internally call the substance "taco meat filling" and not "beef."

What say you, Taco Bell biters? Got a new name for TB to call its taco meat filling in lieu of the pending lawsuit? I bet you do. Let's hear it.

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