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Lay Waste to the Forces of Hunger With the Sushi Bazooka

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Making sushi is hard and time-consuming. There's the monumental amount of prep work, the difficulty in making tender sushi rice, the actual hassle of rolling the sushi by hand. Professional sushi chefs use a "sushi mat" or makisu to keep all the stuff that's supposed to go inside the sushi, inside the sushi. It's not exactly an easy process and it is very technique-sensitive. Molds and forms have been used for centuries in the hopes of making the process that much easier.

Now, in the 21st century, we have finally reached the peak of sushi-making technology:

The Sushi Bazooka.

Now here's a video of the "Sushi Bazooka" in action.

The operation of the sushi bazooka is pretty straightforward. As with regular sushi molds, you prep your ingredients and then lay them into the mold. The only really unique feature is the plunger that allows you to, um, extrude the nearly completed sushi directly onto the nori. While this certainly looks like it makes rolling sushi easier it also looks like it mangles the rice just a little. So perhaps they're overstating their claim that this will instantly turn you into a "sushi master."

Of course if you want to buy one of these, and who doesn't want a sushi maker, it's probably wise to skip the $25 tag at Strapya-World. An identical sushi bazooka is sold through, who else, Wal-Mart.

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