Poke mania continues to sweep the Valley.EXPAND
Poke mania continues to sweep the Valley.

Rapidly Growing National Poke Chain Landing in Scottsdale This Month

Poke joints are infiltrating the Valley at lightning speed. At a certain point, you have to wonder how rapidly these places are draining our oceans of fish. But poke can be pretty good, and good for you, so the potential long-term detriments fall away from the short-term benefits, as they so often do in our world. Add another raw-fish emporium to the roster of them later this month, when LemonShark Poke is scheduled to open.

LemonShark Poke has sold 90 franchises in the last 11 months. The California chain was founded by Tobi Miller, guitarist of the 90s band The Wallflowers. (So long ago I don't remember when...)

LemonShark gets its name from the lemon shark, an ocean predator that, apparently, has fancy tastes in fish.

A number of preset signature bowls anchor the menu. These include a tuna bowl with spicy mayo, seaweed salad, and crispy garlic; a salmon bowl with corn, masago, and water chestnuts; and an albacore bowl with nuts, pineapple, habanero, and ponzu.

Like just about every other poke place in existence, this one will allow you to build your own bowl. And from the customary riot of diverse offerings.

A few other selections take LemonShark beyond poke. Appetizers like Spam musubi (Spam on rice, really), egg rolls, and bottomless miso can be noshed. There is also a grill. Your raw-fish-averse friends can get cooked food like chicken, cod, and coconut shrimp.

The chain's logo is a Jaws-like shark with teeth bared, rocking a bow tie. We'll see how big of a chomp this newcomer can take out of the crazy local poke scene.

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