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LGO Public House Coming to CityScape

What a major, major coup for downtown Phoenix.

Bob Lynn, the creator of La Grande Orange Grocery -- which brought new life to east Phoenix and spawned a busy hub of eateries at 40th Street and Campbell -- will be launching a new gastropub by the end of the year at downtown's CityScape development.

Called LGO Public House, the restaurant will take up a 3,000-square-foot ground floor space with indoor and patio seating in the high-profile new complex, and will be designed by Seattle's Callison Architecture Group.

"Phoenix deserves a great downtown, and this is a great opportunity," Lynn says. "It's the right thing to do for our city."

The simple, modern menu will include dips, chopped salads, burgers, lots of fresh seafood (Lynn mentions lobster rolls), and contemporary takes on classic dishes. There will be a large bar serving up specialty cocktails and a dozen craft beers, as well as a selection of West Coast Wines.

Tadich Grill, in San Francisco, was one of Lynn's inspirations. "It's the oldest restaurant in the city. It's an institution," he says. "I see (LGO Public House) as being a modern chop house -- light eating, big flavors."

Nearby, he'll also be adding a Grateful Spoon kiosk, selling his son Jordan's homemade gelato.

Lynn credits Kimber Lanning, owner of Stinkweeds Records and head of Local First Arizona, for introducing him to CityScape's planners at RED Devopement.

"I've had this idea for seven or eight years now, and this is just the perfect spot to do it," he says.

Lynn, Adam Strecker, and Sandy Henry are partners in the project, while fellow LGO Hospitality partner Craig DeMarco is not involved.

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