LGO, say it ain't so

You know those handy little 19-minute parking spaces right in front of La Grande Orange? I guess now they're off-limits for everyone except people picking up pizza orders that they've called in.

It's no secret that parking's a total bitch in the area around 40th Street and Campbell (and man, do I feel sorry for the people who live nearby), but those little short-term spots were a glimmer of hope. Now the businesses in that area are victims of their own success, and apparently LGO's even hired a dude whose job seems to be shushing people away from those parking spaces unless they want to pick up a pie.


I've been a total defender of La Grande Orange -- even as the chorus of complainers about how the neighborhood's turning into Snottsdale West is growing louder -- just because I adore their tuna melt. I pretty much won't eat a tuna melt anywhere else, theirs is so good. I like stopping by to grab a bottle of wine and some cheese if I'm expecting houseguests, or picking up a pre-packaged salad when I'm in a hurry. And I'm always game for gelato at Arlecchino.

LGO's been a reliable pit stop for years now. I hate it when times finally change.


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