LGO's Alaskan Beer Dinner and International IPA Day in Today's Eater's Digest

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LGO Beer Dinner
Look what we found -- an LGO beer dinner! This Friday, August 5th join chef Paul Lindsay and the LGO crew over at the Arcadia Room (the old Radio Milano/Cafe) for an awesome beer dinner with Alaskan Brewing Co. From 6 to 9 p.m. dine on five perfectly beer paired courses including a pretzel with honey mustard, scallops with local veggies, beet salad, pan-eared flat iron steak with roasted potatoes gratin and a tasty fig tart with IPA honey sauce.  Reservations are a must. $40 ++ per person.  Call 602-769-5543 to save your seat. 

IPA Day!

Across the globe, craft beer drinkers will be raising their pints today in honor of the blogger created holiday "International IPA Day". The popular beer style is one of the most recognized around the world -- and it just happens to be one of our favorites. Join the rest of your fellow craft beer drinkers for a hop-tastic IPA at Papago Brewing, Taste of Tops, Sun Devil Liquors, The Hungry Monk or Whole Foods -- all of which will have a more IPA's then you can shake a stick at on tap. 

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