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Lindsey Magee of Ollie Vaughn's: Pie Social Celebrity Bakers 2013

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Ollie Vaughn's is named after one of the many family members who planted a seed in her for a passion of cooking. The sandwich shop and bakery will open November 18 at 1526 East McDowell Road in Phoenix.

It took a while for Magee to realize this was her true passion until a friend pointed out to her that she should have her own restaurant. At the time, Magee was in the film industry and realized she was burnt out.

At the same time, she noticed she thinks about food differently. She remembers every meal and every detail.

The women in her family and her grandfather all had an influence. She was adventurous and tried anything put in front of her, even frying the legs of frogs her grandfather found jumping around his apartment complex.

Hopefully, these frog legs won't show up in her Pie Social dessert.

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Hayden Harrison