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Listen to Guns N' Roses, Watch Julia Child Threaten to Eat Vegetarians

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Julia Child had to be one of the most awkward people to ever step in front of a TV camera.

But that's why her legacy endures. She wasn't afraid to cook like a real human being: burned fingers, dropped butter, minor kitchen disasters and all. She cooked in a time before cooking shows were as perfectly manicured as their hosts. A time before fancy lighting and food artists could swoop in to touch-up the finished product prior to its closeup.

In short, she kicked ass. And it seems fitting that WGBH should honor her 100th birthday with a month of Child content and this sweet mashup of some of her greatest moments set to G 'n R's "Sweet Child O' Mine."

Watch Julia Child's 100th birthday on PBS. See more from WGBH Specials.

See, that's a cook who isn't afraid to take the hits and keep on rolling. It's refreshing to see the contrast between Julia Child unpretentious lessons versus say, Giarda De Laurentiis cooking perfect food, from perfect ingredients, wielded by perfectly manicured hands, in a perfect kitchen in the 20 minutes between bikram yoga and unicorn riding lessons.

Here's another video highlighting some more of Julia Child's wonderfully awkward moments. We're particularly fond of her willingness to take a massive cleaver to the stubborn head of a fish she's cleaning.

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