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Little Caesars Introduces Pretzel-Crust Pizza

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For just a dollar more than the regular five-buck pie, you can get a pepperoni pizza that received the pretzel treatment. On paper, doing a pretzel-crust pizza is utter brilliance. It's a simple, elegant idea that I'm surprised took this long for someone to implement. But is it any good?

The outer crust is the part that gets the pretzel treatment, and it seems Little Caesars had no choice but to make a half-assed attempt at the full pretzel experience. The beautifully browned crust had a little saltiness (I'm going to guess from a little application of baking soda and water before it goes in the oven), and plenty of shine from brushing on melted margarine when it came out of the oven.

The problem is, to get that distinct pretzel sheen (and its accompanying flavor boost), you have to boil the pretzel in the baking soda water. Since that's not an option for the whole pizza crust, you end up with a crust that's pretzel-ish, not quite a true pretzel.

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