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Local Blogger Selected to Participate in Emeril's "One-Pot Blogger Cooking Party"

To promote Emeril Lagasse's new cookbook, Sizzling Skillets and other One Other One-Pot Wonders, the folks at William Morrow Cookbooks have decided to have a blogger "party" with the online food community - and in this town, they've chosen Peoria resident and creator of the Food Hunter's Guide To Cuisine blog, Theresa Greco, to cook along with 19 others from around the country.

This promo idea is pretty ballsy if you ask us. Cookbook recipes aren't known for always being perfect or delicious, but no matter how much flack you give Emeril for selling flavored toothpaste and teaching your to flinch at the exclamation "Bam!" - you have to remember - Emeril's recipes don't suck. There's a reason he has such a huge empire and we think it's a cool and clever way to spread the word and create the "experience" of the new cookbook on your favorite local food blogs.

The idea of one-pot is a nice change from the 10/20/30-minute style meals that have invaded our TVs and bookshelves. Clean-up time absolutely should be considered in the total prep time. This takes care of that.

Participants have received cookware and gourmet food products from Emeril's line and at the end of the party, T-Fal will award the top performing blogger a brand spankin' new slow cooker. Nice.

Greco already has a few recipes under her blogging belt like Emeril's True Bolognese and Tuscan Bean Soup with Broccoli Rabe. Put your virtual party duds on and head over to Food Hunter's Guide to Cuisine to see what's shakin' in her kitchen over the next three weeks.

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