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Local Chef Believes His Own Hype on Twitter

Everybody's a freakin' genius celebrity chef in this town. Right?

I just happened to look at the Twitter profile of a local chef who's apparently been fed a steady diet of baloney about his alleged greatness, and now seems high on the fumes of his own b.s.

Said chef pompously refers to himself in the third person in his bio, which has had me laughing my ass off for the last half hour. His "talent exceeds his years," he writes. "As one of the Valley's youngest chefs, (so-and-so) is also one of the most energetic, inspired, and creative."

Is that a joke? Who the hell would seriously describe themselves that way? Even if James Beard himself came back from the grave to make such a pronouncement about you, would you shamelessly pimp it on Twitter?

I'd seen this chef's tweets before, and they struck me as earnest. Fine. But once I clicked through to the profile page, my jaw dropped. How hideously embarrassing!

Even as I laugh, I cringe . . .


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Michele Laudig
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