Local Chefs to Join Guy Fieri Roadshow

A few weeks ago, we interviewed

Guy Fieri

of Food Network's

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

about his upcoming 

Road Show

at Mesa Arts Center on Friday, December 18. We also speculated about why Guy had chosen

Flagstaff chef John Conley

to participate in the show, rather than a Phoenix chef.

Though Conley's the only one who's slated to appear onstage, it turns out most of the local chefs who have appeared with Guy on "Triple D" will be at the show after all. Foodies Like Us, the food-centric website and event company founded by friends Jay Pizarro and Susie Timm, is hosting a pre-party at the Mesa Arts Center from 5:30-7 p.m. on Friday, December 18 (Road Show starts at 7:30).

Chefs from ten local restaurants including Thee Pitt's Again, Chino Bandido and Haus Murphy's -- all of whom have appeared on a Guy Fieri show -- will sample their foodstuffs and chat with hungry guests. A couple of chefs we expected to see weren't on the list due to scheduling conflicts, but otherwise, the Foodies have assembled a great roster of locals we don't often get to see at culinary events.

Tickets are $48 plus service fee/tax, which includes the pre-party AND a reserved seat at the Guy Fieri Road Show. Visit the Foodies Like Us website for instructions on how to order your pre-party tickets. 

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