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Local Lyricist Maja Rapping for McDonald's

Does anyone remember this guy? He's Maja, the local rapper, lyricist and anime-enthusiast who Benjamin Leatherman profiled back in 2007 because of his unique brand of hip-hop, which he called a "fusion of urban culture and dorkdom chic."

Well, it's been a few years, but his name is still Maja (like "major," not "mah jong," the Chinese board game) and he's still rapping -- though his subject matter may have changed this time around.

Instead of rapping about "Janglish" (that's a combination between Japanese and English) and Optimus Prime -- Maja's latest spot is for, and about, McDonald's.

He's the voice you might have heard on local radio stations, rapping about the $1 large soft drink. And, while he's not exactly rapping, Maja is also the voice on several TV ads for the fast-food chain -- telling Arizona about $1 iced coffees while we watch the latest trend in street advertising: the sign-spinners outside local establishments.

But Maja isn't leaving the world of nerdcore rap forever. His rep, Johnie Tidwell with White Label Media, says he just finished performing a show near the Comic-Con in San Diego and is set to appear on the G4TV cable network in August.

From soft drink deals to Final Fantasy, when it comes to Maja, we're lovin' it.

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Lauren Gilger
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