Eating the World

Locally Made: Jordan Stejskal Brings the Garden to Your Kitchen

Jordan Stejskal used to struggle with a multiple personality problem.

For years, the Phoenix native worked for a Scottsdale architecture firm where she was a self-described office Super Girl in pencil skirts and heels.  When she wasn't in the office, Jordan turned into the hippie chef, a farmer's market groupie who enjoyed whipping up homemade meals.

Last year, Jordan found a way to merge the two parts herself with a new business called The Gardeners Kitchen.


​When Jordan was eighteen, her father died of cancer, leaving her a small sum of money.

When Jordan worked at the architecture firm, she put in many hours, but didn't feel inspired by her contributions. These days, Jordan puts in a twelve hour day in her industrial kitchen creating the meals from her own recipes, but she says she doesn't even notice the clock.

Jordan says that her customers are people who appreciate slow cooked homemade food and would make it themselves, if they had time to.

​The meals are packaged for two, but we tried the Stuffed Shells and were able to feed a family of two adults and two small children with a side salad.

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