Wake Up Call

London Restaurant Installs Nightmare Worthy Art to Glare Down at You Over Dinner

There's a new restaurant in a trendy corner of London called the Tramshed. Their gimmick is that their simple menu completely revolves around steak and chicken.

So to celebrate this they decided to install a giant Damien Hirst art piece: A massive tank filled with formaldehyde and a preserved "Cock and Bull." As you can see from the video below, you'll enjoy your delicious dry-aged steak while a preserved bovine glares down at you with slightly googly eyes. His eternal chicken companion silently judging your husband for ordering the Yorkshire pudding with chicken liver.

Given how proud the owner sounds when talking about the piece and how it really ties the room together, we're a little surprised that it wasn't installed in such a way that it could slowly rotate during the course of a meal. That way all diners in the establishment could appreciate from all angles.

If "Cock and Bull" triggered deep repressed memories of Tarsem Singh's "The Cell" you're not crazy. Damien Hirst's work served as a direct inspiration for the now notorious Horse Scene.

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Ando Muneno
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