Luci's Coffee Bar: Iced Toddy

You can find lots of things at Luci's Healthy Marketplace & Coffee Bar. They have organic cheeses, locally brewed beer, a delicious deli, and most importantly for us -- a great coffee bar.

The coffee bar part of Luci's is quaint and comfortable. There's an assortment of tables and chairs, plus a plush corner booth. It's always sunny inside because there are so many windows, so it's a great environment for those who might not be fully awake yet. And the perfect wake-up drink at Luci's is the iced toddy. We tried one this past Saturday morning, and it really peeled our eyes open.

Luci's iced toddy is very dark, and tastes like heady, robust coffee beans. It goes down smooth and fresh, though, with almost no hint of bitterness. We still added sugar and cream, but that might not be necessary for most people.

The toddy packs a potent caffeine kick, too. We drank half of our 20 ounce cup and started talking like auctioneers. We really didn't need that much of a wake-up call, but the 20 ounce size is the smallest iced toddy Luci's serves.

If you have some time to kill, it's well worth nursing the toddy to look around Luci's Marketplace for a bit. And if you're in a hurry, the iced toddy makes great go-go-go fuel.

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