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Lunch for $10 at Focaccia Fiorentina

If you've got cravings only oodles of noodles can cure -- and just a ten spot in your pocket -- your lunch break could bring you to Focaccia Foirentina in downtown Phoenix.

Located between Monroe and Adams just off Copper Square, this family owned and operated breakfast and lunch eatery has been serving Italian meals for more than 15 years. 

Hours are somewhat limited, 6 am to 2 pm Monday to Friday only, but a narrow window of opportunity doesn't seem to be keeping the downtown Phoenicians away.

Find out how our lunch panned out after the jump.

From the exterior the restaurant seems small, but a step inside reveals high ceilings and widely dispersed tables, making for an inviting environment. When we dropped in during the lunch hour on a weekday, the patio was full of patrons taking in the urban scene and pleasant weather.

We stepped up to the cafeteria-style counter to take a closer look at the freshly made selection of pastas and pizzas.

Eight dollars can get you a nice portion of any of the pasta selections and if you ask, you can even get half of two types. I went for the Rigatoni alla Fiorentina and Penne alla Vodka, per the suggestion of the friendly woman behind the counter.

My lunch date scored an even sweeter deal, opting for a slice of the pizza of the day--zucchini and fresh mozzarella--with a side of pasta and a drink for just over $8 with tax.

Despite multiple warnings about the spiciness of the Penna alla Vodka, we were still a bit surprised at the heat. Having two types of pasta was a much-appreciated way to break up the spiciness with the subtler flavors of the rigatoni. Both pastas were nicely cooked and the homemade sauces were tasty enough that we used our bread to soak up the extras! Unfortunately the pizza of the day was on the salty side.

Along with the pasta and pizza offerings, the menu also features a number of salads and sandwiches all reasonably priced at around eight or nine dollars. With such a wide variety of fresh lunch options it's no wonder this place seems to be such a hit with the downtown business crowd. Follow Chow Bella on Facebook and Twitter.

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Lauren Saria
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